Spencer S. Marko – Resume

Hola! I am one of the staff organizers of CabalArticles, a well-known article writing combine. We are able to create content in English and Spanish for worldwide web audiences, and are available for content building for your blog. Listed below you may see my curriculum vitae, and you will be able to see other staff organizers and writers’ resumes on this web site. At the bottom of my curriculum vitae, you’ll discover some illustrations of our published posts. For job enquiries, please reach us using the form on this site and one of us will respond as soon as can be.

Curriculum Vitae

Spencer S. Marko
318 Lakewood Drive
Newark, NJ


Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Utah State University

10 years of article writing experience (mainly for Online audiences)

Stunning competency in Latin and English

Dependable, staff-oriented member of staff with a knack for particulars

Business Experience

CabalArticles, New York City, NY

2001 – Present

Team Manager

In charge of planning a worldwide crew of authors to fit a complex set of development goals and objectives.

- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, raising productivity by 20% worldwide

- Correctly kept absolutely consistent records of work distribution

- Cared for quality control for world wide output across a sizable crew of internet writers

Additional Abilities

Fluent in Latin and English

Advanced proficiency using a huge range of office software programs

Samples of Released Articles

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